Astro Imaging Tutorial

​​​I offer my tutorial, consisting of three months of private astrophotography lessons, email and telephone support, for $400.00 US. or recurring payment of $140.00 monthly.
The tutorial includes one-on-one remote sessions that are limited to a maximum of one 1.5 hour long session each week and which must be used within the 3 month tutorial period. unless prior arrangements are made.
The tutorial package also includes one-on-one support for those 3 months using Anydesk or Teamviewer (remote desktop), voice calls via Skype, e-mail, and telephone support for students anywhere in the world. Although the one-on-one support is limited, due to the number of students and the time involved, it is appreciated if support phone calls, texts and e-mails are kept to a reasonable level. 

​I am also available for hire on an hourly basis $50.00 US per hour for anything relating to Astrophotography such as Hardware and Software Troubleshooting, Pre and Post Processing, advice on purchasing and setting up equipment 

One Time

for 3 months tutorial


Recurring Monthly Subscription

for 3 months tutorial

$140 per month

Take a “Short-Cut” to Mastering the Art of Astrophotography

Astrophotography is a rewarding pastime, one that blends art and technical know-how with an in-depth understanding of astronomy. But it’s one of the most complex forms of photography, which means it has a steep learning curve. So even if you spend thousands on the finest equipment and software, you won’t get far unless you know how to set up and use your equipment and process your images.

​ To help aspiring imagers avoid the frustration of learning astrophotography, I offer a series of dedicated “one-on-one” tutorial sessions that vastly decrease the time you need to invest to take top-quality astronomical images. During these sessions, no matter what your current skill level, I personally guide you through every step of capturing and processing your own images of the finest objects in the night sky. I show you how to:

​- Select and purchase the best equipment and software you need for astrophotography according to your budget and interests

– Choose a CMOS, CCD or DSLR camera for imaging, and understand the pros and cons of each technology

– Correctly set up your equatorial mount and align it to the poles for optimum tracking, and develop the best approach for guiding during your exposures.

– Set up and configure your camera and accessories to acquire images

– Calibrate and stack images using off-the-shelf software

– Determine the correct settings and tools for shooting the Moon, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies.

– Develop strategies and techniques for post processing using Photoshop and other image processing software.

​You will learn some of these subjects– or all of them– according to your interests and skill level. During the tutorial sessions, you’ll learn at your own pace and get a chance to ask as many questions as you like to ensure you understand the subject matter. Since personally I guide you through each step of acquiring and processing images, you’ll save hundreds of hours fussing or freezing in the dark and messing around with post-processing software.

​These one-on-one tutorial sessions are held using Skype or free remote desktop software such as Teamviewer so I can show you exactly how to capture and process images, just as if I were sitting at the computer with you. All you need is a computer and internet connection…we can even hold the sessions while you process your images, or even while you’re capturing images with your telescope!

My tutorials includes three months of unlimited one-on-one support using remote desktop, along with voice calls by Skype for students anywhere in the world. The charge for three months of private astrophotography tutorials and unlimited support is just $250.00 US. Given that a decent camera for astrophotography may cost a thousand dollars or more, this tuition for learning how to use your camera, telescope, and software is very reasonable indeed.

And by the end of the three months of tutorials, you will be far from being an expert but you will have a number of images to share with your friends and family, your astronomy club, or with the wider world on your website.

For more details how to sign up for your own series of astrophotography tutorials, contact me at or give me a call at 231-206-1141.

​One more thing… I’ve held these one-on-one tutorial sessions with dozens of aspiring astrophotographers, from complete beginners to experienced imagers. Have a look below for some comments and sample images from a few of my past students…
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Terry Hancock


Samara Nagle, Ohio

Let me just start this by saying that finding Terry was a happy accident. Nobody introduced us, I just saw his Facebook page, looked around, liked what I saw and decided to contact him. I am very new to this hobby, less than 2 years since I bought my first telescope and on my first anniversary I decided I wanted to get better, not only the post processing of my images but equipment, etc. and the best decision I have made to achieve this was to start the training sessions with Terry. He not only showed me fantastic Photoshop tricks but also introduced me to amazing software that I would otherwise have never known about it. He also gave me some awesome hardware suggestions. 

This is not an easy hobby, it takes patience, time and a lot of dedication and it is a long road of acquiring knowledge and the right equipment, Terry was the shortcut to take me there faster. I highly recommend Terry’s tuition program, he is very competent, knowledgeable, honest and caring and I am happy to say that I have gained a lot, not only knowledge but a dear friend. THANK YOU, Terry!

​Here are a couple of Samara’s images following the completion of her second 3 month term.

Robert Yount, Florida

I have been working with Terry for about 5 months now and I am very happy with my progress so far. Terry’s help has really sped  up the learning curve for me and allowed me to produce some images I am proud to call my own. 

I have now been a client of Terry’s tutorial service for about a year and a half. I can say without a doubt that it has been time and money well spent. Terry’s knowledge of astrophotography is immense, and he has helped me in many areas of this hobby. In this short time my images are really starting to come to life, and thanks to Terry’s help, my processing gets better with every image.

I would absolutely recommend Terry’s service to anyone who has a serious interest in astrophotography and is looking to help take their imaging skills to the next level. Terry is an excellent teacher and you would be hard pressed to find someone more dedicated to the hobby.

Here is some of Robert’s latest work.

Ronny Kaplanian, East Perth, Western Australia

Dear Terry,
I have been imaging for over 5 years now and it has been a very challenging hobby and task to undertake plus severely frustrating, I learnt a lot thru the You Tube links and Astronomy forums but the degree of which I acquired was not sufficient to bring out the full Data from my images, although I thought at the time I was happy with what I took, however it was very frustrating and time consuming and I spent a lot of money in the thousands to get the gear and right equipment. Despite all this I knew I had my limits and just couldn’t move any further with stretching my images to the max, I simply did not know how. thinking of buying other more complex programs that although promise you great results just learning these was a massive task and you almost had to be a scientist to get there.

 Luckily I was introduced to Terry Hancock thru a Lens equipment supplier and since then I am extremely content and my happiness cannot be expressed in words. I only wished I met Terry earlier as with his techniques and guidance I have now been able to see the real Data from my images and generate fantastic results that otherwise would have just been an average normal image.

All my colleagues and friends now just cant believe the difference and some of them think these were taken by professional astronomers but when I tell them it was from my backyard they just are bewildered. Terry is a massive asset and his knowledge and expertise have made a difference in every way. There is simply no comparison. I Highly recommend him. Thanks heaps Terry.

Ronny wanted me to post his image of M83 here before he was introduced to me and a reprocess we did together after he signed up for my course

Tom Masterson, California

I cannot recommend the course offered by Terry enough! Learning processing tricks from him in Photoshop has breathed new life into older data sets and makes sure any new data I acquire will be processed to produce the best images possible with my setup. On top of processing help Terry also lends his students his extensive knowledge and resources for technical help with your setup, from guiding help to figuring out the best capture settings for the targets you want to shoot. Comparing the images I produced before I signed up and after is a total night and day difference. All in all if you are looking for a course to take to further your trek into Astrophotography this is the one, especially if you have/prefer Photoshop for processing. What makes it even better is that above all Terry is a really nice guy that is in this hobby for all of the right reasons, he only wants to share what he has learned with people to better their pursuit toward amazing Astrophotos. THANKS TERRY!

Here is Tom’s image of M20 before and after he signed up
Here are several of Tom’s latest images including 2 that were published and selected by Aapod2

Kim Quick Florida

I cannot begin to explain how happy I am to have found Terry and his incredible course. After stumbling around in the dark for a year,

I still did not have a decent photo to show for my effort. Not only was I having problems with my equipment, I was also having a hard time learning how to process what data I did have. Now, after six months of studying with Terry one on one, I feel like I have leaped ahead two years! Not only am I acquiring excellent data, but I now know how to calibrate, stack and process. Terry is currently showing me more advanced techniques as my knowledge and abilities increase. You absolutely cannot beat the cost for both Terry’s expertise and the amount of time that he spends with you. I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about this type of photography.

Here are some of Kim’s most recent images
The Great Globular Cluster in Hercules M13
The Dumbell Nebula M27 
The Great Orion Nebula M42

Ron Machisen

Current Software Systems Engineer and previous elementary teacher for 7 years.

Terry’s images are very impressive. I have studied many manuals on image processing with different types of software, but learning from Terry cuts the time down dramatically. Sure, you can figure it out eventually by going to many internet sites, paging through manuals and how to’s, but the one on one with Terry is invaluable. Terry is very patient and will show you the tips and tricks you need to do to get those fantastic deep space images to pop. I would highly recommend Terry as an instructor. Not only has Terry helped me to improve my imaging, but has also become a friend. Learning always is a two way street. Everyone wins when learning takes place one on one.

Here is Ron’s latest and greatest, an image of M101 The Whirlpool Galaxy using a C11/QSI Mono CCD
Ron’s terrific capture of M81 (Bode’s Galaxy) using a Celestron C11 Edge and QSI 683 Mono CCD

Clifford Spohn Attorney Ohio

TerryI just had to e-mail you and tell how pleased I am with your course. As a seventy four year old I certainly would not impress anyone as a quick learner. Your patience with me was outstanding. I am able to put to use so much you showed me and my sole fear is that I will forget what you taught me. I am still green as grass in imaging but your course has given me hope to continue. Your ability to demonstrate by example is fantastic.I did not tell you earlier as I was somewhat fearful that you would not take me on but I had tried several other instructive courses by CD and by attending several costly seminars, at the seminars I was most likely the anchor man of the class and had a terrible experience.The CD courses were not much better and I had to repeat playing the disks over and over, your approach to my learning was absolutely the answer. If any of your prospective clients want a endorsement feel free to have them call me at 740-387-2468 its the very least I can do for such a great experience.

Here is Ron’s latest and greatest, an image of M101 The Whirlpool Galaxy using a C11/QSI Mono CCD

Jaspal Chadha, London, ​UK

Having only started Astrophotography I was unsure where to begin. I came across downunderobsevatory and noticed that Terry Hancock offered one to one tuition at a small fee. I live in the UK and Terry from USA I felt that this was not to work out.. I was totally WRONG. Terry has worked around my hours and has  offered first class advice and lessons.You easily forget that he is your mentor but a good friend.

Here are 2 of Jaspal’s images
The Bubble Nebula and M52 cluster shot using a QHY8L CCD
Elephant’s Trunk Nebula shot using a QHY8L CCD

Tom Striegal, Wisconsin

“I had the great pleasure of personally working with Terry in CCD imaging and post processing. Terry provided me step-by-step and one-on-one instructions on how to use my camera aquisition software program and afterwards, how to post process my images with his recommended choice of image stacking software. Later, Terry showed me tips and tricks to post processing my images and thus saved me the long and often tedius (sp) task of producing great images. The tuition is well worth the investment and I only regret not doing Terry’s program sooner becuase of the amount of time spent learning on my own”.

Here is one of Tom’s images “The Great Andromeda Galaxy M31” click on the image to take a look at more of Tom’s work on facebook

Jim Gibbs, Illinois

While searching for sites online that included astronomical images taken with the QHY9 CCD, I stumbled across Terry’s website. I had purchased my QHY9 about 6 months prior and was fairly happy with it. However, I wanted to read on the experiences of  other owners of the QHY9 and maybe pick up on any tips so I could improve my own image taking. 

After reviewing Terry’s images and reading their description, I was impressed by Terry’s work with the QHY9 and other hardware. I decided to contact Terry; although, I wasn’t expecting to get a reply as maybe I thought he would be too busy with his work, etc. To my surprise, Terry replied fairly quickly. We exchanged several emails where we compared experiences with the QHY9 and processing techniques. Even though I don’t consider myself a novice in the art of astrophotography, I still have a lot to learn and improve and am always looking for better ways to accomplish the required tasks of pre and post processing of my images. Although, Terry was graceful enough to answer my questions, I decided to pay for the Tuition that Terry offers in his site. I knew that I may not use in the same way that others would but at least this allowed me not to feel guilty as I  kept on asking questions and wanted to compensate Terry for some of the knowledge transfer.

I have nothing but praises for Terry’s guidance, I was able to correct some things I was doing the hard or wrong way and base on his advice I acquired better software which also allowed me to work quickly with better results. I am looking forward to continue to develop my techniques, both on Image taking and processing. Terry and I keep on corresponding and I was privilege to go to some of his lectures and presentations, I am glad to count him as a dear friend now. I highly recommend Terry’s Tuition to anybody passionate about Astrophotography, no matter what level you are in.

Here are a couple of Jim’s recent images

Patrick Callis, Central, Texas

There are two things that I believe that all astrophotographers have in common. We understand the word frustration and we all have a graveyard full of used hardware and software. In July 2018, my windows 98 system was ready for an overhaul and my mount refused to carry my image train any longer. It was time to retire both but I thought that I could at least keep my existing software. Later I realized that the only package that I could keep was Photoshop and that was the piece of software that I barely used due to its complexity. I felt totally “Frustrated” and of course my graveyard just kept getting bigger.

In August, I met Tolga from Tolga Astro and he helped me select, purchase and install my mount from Software Bisque. Tolga had earned my trust. He had delivered as promised a properly installed Paramount and had it up and running in one day with a working model.

Tolga highly recommended Terry Hancock and felt that Terry’s three month one-on-one tutorials would be an ideal fit. So Tolga introduced me to Terry and I took the next leap of faith. Terry and I had a number of emails and phone calls. He convinced me that I should drop my focuser software, stacker and calibration software and move to PixInsight and that I should keep Photoshop. “O Joy”, at 71 years of age I was starting over from scratch.

Before working with Terry, I felt I had some good images. After working with Terry, I am blown away with how much I have accomplished and how I have grown in my processing techniques using PixInsight and Photoshop.

“Terry, you exceeded my expectations in your one-on-one Tutorials. It was very enjoyable and you set the right pace for me in that you took your time to explain two very complicated pieces of software, PixInsight and Photoshop. You have a very natural presentation style that is easy to follow and full of great detailed information. I made the right decision when I took that leap of faith of starting over and I highly recommend your services to any astrophotographers that want to improve their imaging and processing skills. I look forward to our future sessions”.

Thanks Terry